Kaya Recipe

Knowing how to make kaya is easy, however it takes great skill for one to master the art of producing fine kaya jam.

Ingredients Needed

  • Coconut milk from 2 coconuts.
  • 400g of sugar
  • 10 fresh eggs


Coconut milk must be fresh, pure and undiluted.  If one cannot find coconuts, one can substitute with packed coconut milk available from super markets.  However one must filter the packaged coconut milk carefully because there are stray coconut bits in them.  It will be best if one filters it through a fine mesh sieve.  Make sure the coconut milk is NOT diluted.  Set it aside.

Use an electric beater to beat the eggs at medium speed.  Beat till only the yolk breaks and stop.

At once add in sugar slowly and beat mixture at full speed.  Add in coconut milk slowly and continue beating to let all the 3 ingredients mix thoroughly.

Pour the mixture into a steel pot and cook it over at a very low flame.  Make sure the mixture is being constantly stirred to prevent any burns on the kaya as burns will spoil the taste of the kaya.  The kaya mixture will change its colour from creamy white to brown, as caramels are formed from the heating of sugar.  It is essential for one to stir the mixture continuously as the mixture will soon thicken.  Once all the kaya has turned into a brownish colour mixture, cut the flame and leave aside to cool.

There is another method which will prevent the mixture from burning is to double-boil. Pour water into a bigger pot and set it to boil.  Meanwhile the kaya will be inside a smaller pot immersed in the boiling water.  This prevents the kaya from direct contact with the flame, which eliminates kaya burns.  Put some oil in the water to prevent boiling water from splashing into the kaya.  Note that constant stirring is still necessary.

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