What is Kaya

Kaya, is a local jam made from eggs, sugar and coconut milk, and is flavoured by pandan leaves, and later sweetened with sugar.  Kaya jam is a very popular spread in Singapore and Malaysia.  It was originated from China in the Hainan province.  The jam itself tastes sweet and is somewhat creamy, with a hint of coconut and eggs in it.  Kaya is originally brown in coloured, however can be artificially coloured into a green spread.  Kaya is often used as a spread in breakfast and goes fabulously well with bread that has been toasted over charcoal, and a slab of butter on it.  It is an increasingly popular breakfast with Singaporeans, hence the name Kaya Toast.

Kaya toast goes along well with a cup of coffee and a plate of soft boiled eggs, which is cooked by hot water.  Upon cracking a dash of pepper is sprinkled onto it followed by soya sauce.

Kaya toast is made after the cook slices a single piece of toast into half, and spreading a generous amount of kaya followed by a slab of butter.  It is then covered up together and served hot.  The slab of butter and the taste of the jam is what made this toast popular.

Kaya Toast with coffee and soft-boiled eggs

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